Image Nirvanet is a non-profit project for learning, education and research.

Free IPv6 Tunnel

We use GRE and WireGuard tunnels and give /64 IPv6 prefixes for free

Free IPv6 Hosting services

We can host for free your Website, DNS (and reverse DNS)

Free Privacy-respecting metasearch engine

Free access to our instance of SearX : the Privacy-respecting metasearch engine.

Free Visio Conferencing server

Free access without registration to our Jitsi instance. Please tell your friends about our server. Thank you.

Free LXC container

We can provide free LXC container (IPv6 only)
(IPv4 currently out of stock)

BGP peering is open, we use Bird 2.0 with RPKI

We are located in Velizy DC @ Paris, and PoP in Serverius DC in Dronten (Thanks to Bakker IT). You can use our LookingGlass (running with HyperGlass)

S3 storage service coming soon ...

We are working on S3 compatible Storage at very low cost, stay tunned ...

We are looking for routers,servers,parts...

We redistribute the material to local associations and give them a second life. Thanks for your help

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